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Article 1 - The African Origins of the Martial Arts Revealed!
Article 2 - The Origin of Karate.
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The African Origin and Meaning of the "Belt"
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The book that rewrote the history of the martial arts. 
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Article 2 - The Origin of Karate

The following is from the  book  from CFW Enterprises, "BKF Kenpo - History and Advanced Strategic Principles" by Grandmasters Steve Muhammad and Donnie Williams, with a foreword by Nijel Binns.

Chapter 1
The History and Evolution of BKF Kenpo

Knowledge is the foundation upon which all strategic principles are built.
Therefore, Advanced Strategic Principle No. 1 is...
"You must study."


   "Masutatsu Oyama (1923-1994) was the acclaimed Kyokushinkai founder and martial arts Grandmaster who was born in South Korean.  He began studying Shoto-Kan with Giko Funakoshi, the second son of Master Gichin Funakoshi, who introduced Karate to Japan and Okinawa.  He also studied Goju-ryu from Mr. Neichu So.  Mas, as he was called, was well known for his incredible feats of strength, and endurance.  His acclaim reached near mythic proportions when, in order to demonstrate the true power and effectiveness of Karate, he fought and killed bulls with his bare hands.  Mas, who was referred to as "The Godhand",  worked tirelessly to spread the philosophy of Karate throughout Asia, and the world.
   In 1958 Mas Oyama published his first book, "What is Karate", the same year the American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., published his first book, "Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story".  Seeing these two events together, during this era, any reference to Africa as the birthplace of the martial arts would not have prompted research or study.  Regardless of this, Mas Oyama did write that,
"The oldest records we have concerns unarmed combat on hieroglyphics from the Egyptian pyramids...".  Mas Oyama mentions the location as "Bein" Hasan.  From his brief references it would appear that somewhere, at some time, these findings were the subject of detailed study, even though some information related by Oyama was inaccurate (the paintings exist in rock tombs instead of Egyptian pyramids). ...

   In addition to his writing about Africa as the birthplace of the martial arts, which was a bold step at that time, Mas Oyama is photographed in a stance that links his martial art to Africa.  These pictures are found in the introductory pages of both "What is Karate?", and the reprinted follow-up book, "This is Karate".  Mas Oyama is standing in a salutary and spiritual stance that was well known throughout ancient Egypt, or "Kemet" which is the correct term for that place called Egypt.  In Oyama's stance, the left foot is forward and both hands are raised, with the palms facing out.  Some people believe that this stance means, "I have no weapons".  However, in the tradition of ancient Kemet, the left foot going forward was symbolic of truthfullness and the intent of the heart (which is on the left side of the body) to go forward with righteousness and stamp out evil.  It is interesting to note that western military cadence, emphasizes "left-right-left" in their drills.  The left foot also symbolizes the left side of the brain which brings to the pineal gland, the creative impulse.  The hands are raised in the symbol of the Kemetic medu neter "ka".  In other African cultures, the hands are an extension of the heart.  They are influenced by the quality of the heart.  In showing our hands, we show our heart.  These are the African traditions and meaning of this stance."

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The following is exerpt from the book published by CFW Enterprises titled 
"BKF Kenpo - History and Advanced Strategic Principles".

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