The Mother of HumanityTM monument












CEAP - Centro de Articulação de Populações Marginalizadas

Rua da Lapa
200 Sala 813
Rio de Janeiro 
RJ - Brazil 20021-180

(021) 5521-2232-5128



"The Arcos da Lapa Square is located in Lapa, a neighborhood historically related to cultural manifestations, with emphasis in the Afro-Brazilian culture, where we have daily activities such as dance, the plastic arts, the capoeira, the samba and many others.  In this neighborhood there are many NGO's that fight for Human Rights, such as CEAP, IPCN (Institute for Research of Black Culture), and IPDH (Palmares Institute for Human Rights) Casa Brazil-Nigeria.  The construction of The Mother of Humanity™ will be of great value for the self-esteem of the black population, becoming a source of inspiration and reference for Afro-Brazilian peoples".    Ivanir dos Santos - CEAP

To follow the progress of the Brazilian Mãe da Humanidade™ (Mother of Humanity™), click on Monumental Times for further updates.  


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