Golden Feather Award


The Award

The Mother of Humanity™Golden Feather Award™ was designed and sculpted by Nijel BPG.  The award is administered, and presented annually every Mother's Day in May, by Nijart International, and the Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) in Los Angeles, in association with the six countries of Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, India, and Spain, where the other Mother of Humanity™ monuments will be located.

The elegant, 9" tall bronze, and acrylic award is presented to a total of 7 individuals from the above named countries who exemplify the many attributes symbolized by the feather in the Mother's right hand.

The Meaning of the Feather

The feather is an ancient Kemetic, or Egyptian symbol associated with the Goddess Maat.  It is a symbol of peace, truth, and righteousness.  In ancient Kemetic lore, when we die, and our souls went for judgment, our hearts were placed on one end of a scale, and the feather of Maat on the other.  If we lived a righteous life, our hearts, in the balance, should be as light as a feather.


Both men, and women are eligible to receive The Mother of Humanity™ Golden Feather Award™ .  Outstanding individuals nominated for this award have worked to encourage dialogue within the human family, and have shown dedication, and courage in seeking justice on a local, or global level.


We invite you to submit your nominations for the 2005 Golden Feather Awards.  Please email us with your nomination or list of candidates.


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