The making of 

The Jackie Chan Bronze



ong before the global acclaim of "Rush Hour 1 and 2", Jackie Chan starred in his first American film "The Big Brawl" which was directed by Robert Clouse (Enter The Dragon).  Also making his American film debut was a young stuntman by the name of Nigel Binns (Nijel) who fights with Chan in the theater scene.

   Decades later, Nijel reconnected with Chan as artist and sculptor, for the unveiling of his Jackie Chan bronze statue.


Nijel displays the nearly finished bronze that transforms Jackie Chan into a work of art.


he base is signed in the center by Jackie Chan and features a dragon on the right and the title of his most admired film  "Drunken Master 2" to the left.

Like magic, Nijel transforms a lump of clay to capture the essence of his subject.