What is the Mystery of the Maasai?

Is it the brilliance of  her 18 karat gold plating and the immediate comparisons to the gold funeral mask of King Tutankhamun?  Perhaps it is her angelic face and hypnotic gaze.  They present an enigma, a persona as mysterious as the Mona Lisa.  To stand before her is to experience a timeless quality, a beauty beyond all reference.  She is original perfection personified.  Her name is the Maasai Princess and she has a story only few can tell.

She was originally sculpted in 1990, and is the second of only seven identical gold plated bronze statues that will be created before the mold is forever destroyed.  The owner of the first statue, the Maasai Princess 1990, is the legendary singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder.  He obtained the work of art as a birthday gift from Motown Records in 1990 which he featured in his new video, a tribute to Nelson Mandela titled "Keep Our Love Alive".





Singer and songwriting legend Stevie Wonder accepts the first of only seven Maasai Princess gold plated bronze statues from Nijel BPG in May 1990.  Also pictured here are former Motown President Jheryl Busby, and Vice-President Harry Anger.


For Nijel, the artist and sculptor of the Maasai Princess, it is important that this unique work of art not be mass produced.  He believes that there is something very special, even mystical about the Maasai Princess, something even he cannot explain.  "Because of the heritage of the Maasai people", says Nijel "the Maasai Princess could be the first true royal art to be produced in the last 3,000 years".

Several African people, including the Maasai, claim to be direct descendants from the ancient Egyptians.  In the language of the Maasai, "Maa" means from, and "sais" means Egypt , or Kemet as it was then called.  The Maasai are people descendant from ancient Egyptians now living in Kenya and Tanzania, Africa.

Every seven years, the sculptor will craft one new Maasai Princess statue which will be launched on a world tour and be available for sale.  At the end of the seven year period, a new Maasai Princess statue will be created to continue this process until the year 2032 when the very last Maasai Princess statue is completed.   Portions of the proceeds from the sale of every Maasai Princess bronze statue will go towards programs to benefit the women and children of Kenya.

                          The current Maasai Princess 1997 is available for purchase.  


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