The Mother of Humanity: Her Message and Mission

by  Nijel BPG






























Some have called her the "Black Statue of Liberty".  Many, perhaps out of deep psychological denial, cannot bring themselves to utter her real name at all.  Regardless, the entire human family understands her mission, and faces the challenge posed by her message as we move into the 21st century.                                                        

   In my quest for a means to promote truth and understanding for humanity after the 1992 rebellions in Los Angeles, I created a monument which embodies a unique set of physical features, and spiritual symbols.  She is African, Indian, European, Oriental, Latin American, Native American, Old World, and New.  She is "The Mother of Humanity™" , and I believe she is the Symbol of Our Times.

   The legend and meaning behind The Mother of Humanity™ reveals her to be a true time capsule.  Why do some see her as a "Black" Statue of Liberty?  Perhaps in our collective wisdom we recognize the unspoken truth that the original design for the Statue of Liberty was a Black woman!  Edouard Rene Lefevre de Laboulaye was the head of the French Anti-Slavery Society in 1865 when he envisioned a monument to America for freeing her slaves.  Racism prevented the installation of the Statue of Liberty with her original African features, but the broken chains of slavery, as they appeared in the original design, can still be found at the feet of the Statue of Liberty today.

   The dot on the Mother's forehead is a symbol far older than the Statue of Liberty.  It can be found in ancient cultures throughout the world.  Many women from India wear a dot on their forehead.  The earliest settlers of India, the Dravidians, shared a spiritual tradition with ancient Kemet (Pharonic Egypt) where such symbols as a dot or any mark on the forehead, were symbolic of higher spiritual insight.  This is why the mark has been called the "third eye".  In the Orient, images of Buddha always show a dot on the forehead.  The dot is also symbolic of the pineal gland which is located in the center of the brain.  The pineal gland is about the size of a pea, and is responsible for the production of melanin, the substance that gives skin it's color, and is a key to higher levels of spiritual thought, physical coordination, and so on.

   The feather in Mother's right hand is an ancient Kemetic symbol.  It was used by the Goddess Maat.  In the Kemetic tradition, when we die our hearts were placed on one end of a scale, and the feather of Maat on the other.  If we lived a righteous life, our hears, in the balance, should be as light as a feather.  That tradition of peace, truth, and righteousness became the Native American way of life.  It is a little known fact that the Native American and the ancient Egyptian are cousins, with a common reverence for such shared symbols as the feather of Maat.

   Mother's exposed right breast represents the milk of Mother Africa that continues to nourish all nations on Earth.  Indeed, many nations today have not yet weened themselves from the gold, diamonds, and precious minerals they take from the African soil.  Her on the North American continent, the exposed breast reminds many elders of a day not long gone when White slave masters gave their children over to be suckled at the breast of Black enslaved mothers.  But The Mother of Humanity is not just a symbol of the nurturing woman.  She also represents the woman as warrior.  In the ancient tradition of the Amazons, she reminds us of the courage of those women archers who took valor to new heights when they would have their left breasts surgically amputated to make it easier to draw the bow.  Their skills as archers are legendary. 

   Even linguistically, in the word "amazon" (or "mother-sun"), the message of the Mother still strikes a resounding cord for unity.  "Ama" means "mother".  It is the same "ama" used in the Korean language for "mother".  It is the same "ama" as in the Spanish language for "mother".  In the English language we find the "ama" in "Mama".  The message of our first teachers of truth and peace emp0owers women, our mothers.  The Mother's left hand is extended in a gesture of welcome, calling all of her children together.

   The left foot of the Mother strides forward in the ancient Kemetic tradition.  Their statues were crafted with the left foot going forward.  The heart, being on the left side of the body, was in unison with the movement taken by the left foot to go forward, take action, and stamp out evil.  Could this be why military soldiers today start their march with "left-right-left-right"?  The Mother of Humanity™ too is a soldier who strides forward for truth, and righteousness throughout her North American continent, and the world.

   In these days, falsehood will evaporate like mist, leaving no residue.  The look of peace and wisdom on Mother's face warns us against false pride in  the knowledge of our past.  Her deep and placid gaze understates the awesome responsibility of our mission to fulfill the human potential, and move collectively as one people into the 21st century...and beyond.




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