TITLE                                                                          NEWSPAPER                                                      DATE 

"Greater Los Angeles Goodwill Monument"                    The Korean Times                                Sat, June 13, 1992

"A Statue That Will Stand for Change"                            Los Angeles Times                               Wed., Nov 1, 1995

"Mother of Humanity: Our Symbol of Peace"                   Explorer, Vol. 21,  No. 4                     Nov. 29, 1995

"Mother of Humanity"                                                     Los Angeles Community Circle             Dec. 1995

"Landmark Lady"                                                            Wave                                                  1995

"Artist Creates Peace Monument"                                    Los Angeles Wave                              Wed. May 8, 1996

"Mother of Humanity"                                                      Los Angeles Sentinel                            May 16, 1996

"Mother of Humanity: A Vision Becomes a Reality"          Pace News                                          Vol. 1,  June 13, 1996

"Mother of Humanity"                                                      The Korean Times                                Mon., May 13, 1996

"Mother of Humanity, Her Mission and Message"            The Knowledge Broker                        June 1996

"Mother of Humanity ... Unveiled in Watts"                       L.A. Watts Times                                May 16, 1996

"Watts"                                                                            LA Weekly                                         Jan. 10-16, 1997

"A Tour of the Countries"                                                 Los Angeles Times                              April 22, 1997

"Sculpture Minted as Silver Coin"                                     L.A. Watts Times                                Jan 8, 1998

"Points of Pride"                                                               L.A. Times (L.A. City Times)                   Feb. 4, 1999

"36th Summer Festival Celebrates Watts Community"       L.A. Watts Times                                Aug. 1, 2002

"Internationally Acclaimed Local Sculptor Nijel
Strives to Elevate Art"                                                      Los Angeles Sentinel                           Aug. 15, 2002

"Anti-Poverty Tour"                                                         L.A. Watts Times                                May 22, 2003

"Watts Remembers Ted Watkins"                                    L.A. Watts Times                                Sept. 23, 2004

"Mother's Day Celebrates Images
of Black Women"                                                            Our Weekly                                        May 5 - 11, 2005