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1980 - Honorable     discharge from the US Air Force

1980 -  Stuntman in "The Big Brawl" starring Jackie Chan, directed by Robert Clouse.

1981 - 1982 Choreographed and danced the ballet "Lighter"

1983 - Authored Championship Kenpo  with Steve Sanders and Donnie Williams

1984 -  Stuntman in "Force Five"  directed by Robert Clouse

1984 - Launched Nijart International 

1990 - Authored book on martial art origins - Nuba Wrestling™- The Original Art 

1990 - Created   The  Maasai Princess  from  Motown Records to Stevie Wonder.

1990 - Created "The Top Selling Artist of the Decade Award" bronze statue for Michael Jackson from CBS/Epic Records.   

1991 - Choreographed and co-starred in "China O'Brien I & II" directed by Robert Clouse.                

1992 -Created the The Mother of Humanity™  monument  

1994 - Begun  the Magnificent Miniatures™  Series

1994 - Created "The Celia Cruz Gold Standard Medal"

1996 - Redesigned "The Los Angeles Urban League's Whitney M. Young Award"

1996 - Unveiled  The Mother of Humanity™  monument

1997 - Created 5 Million Man March Awards for Nation of Islam

1997 - Licensed figurines with Duncan Royale 

1997 - Licensed The Mother of Humanity™  with Sarah's Attic 

1997 -The Nijart Mint releases  The Mother of Humanity™ Commemorative Gold and Silver coins.

1998 - Big Ticket Productions  "Moesha" television licensed  to display The Mother of Humanity™  figurine  Maasai Princess print.

1999 - Editor of the BKF Magazine 

1999 - Interviewed for National Park Service (NPS) "Black Liberty Project".

1999 -  Stuntman in "Imposter" starring Gary Sinise, and Mekhi Phifer. Director Gary Fleder

2000 - Created the Jackie Chan Bronze figurine.

2000 - Book Editor for CFW Enterprises

2001 - Designed and sculpted  The Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Award

2002 - Created 
The Shirley Temple Monument

2002 - Researched, compiled, and edited "BKF Kenpo: History and Advanced Strategic Principles" published by CFW Enterprises

2003 - Bodyguard for Michael Jackson on his 45th birthday celebration.

2005 - Designed and sculpted the "Keepers of the Flame" awards.

2005 - Unveiled the
John W. Mack monument.

2007 - Redesigned
the Los Angeles
Urban League's
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Award.

2007 - Unveiled The
Foley Monument

2007 - Created the
Simon Wiesenthal
sculpted portrait for
The Simon Wiesenthal Legacy Award.

2007 - Unveiled "Patrice Lumumba: The Vision, The Legacy",

Nijel at age five

       Nijel, creator of The Mother of Humanityis best described as a 21st century Renaissance man.  He speaks Cantonese and Russian.  He is a sculptor, entrepreneur, stuntman, motion picture fight coordinator/choreographer, and author.  He is also a martial arts expert who writes for magazines, is the author of several books on the subject, and appears in the A&E documentary "The Martial Arts".

        Born in Battersea, England, Nijel and his family moved to the United States in the mid 1960's and settled in New Jersey.  He attended Catholic elementary school, and the prestigious Seton Hall, and St. Benedict's Prep Schools in New Jersey.  In 1968 Nijel began training in the martial arts.

  In 1980 Nijel received an honorable discharge from the Air Force and moved to Los Angeles.  His long time friendship with director Robert Clouse  (below) led to the start of his acting career after appearing as a stuntman in Jackie Chan's "The Big Brawl".  Following that, Nijel appeared in "Force-Five" starring Joe Lewis. 

In 1983 Nijel co-wrote Championship Kenpo with Donnie Williams and Steve Sanders.  Published by Ohara Publications in California,  it was the first martial arts book written by African-Americans and became a best seller.

Nijel has worked with veteran martial arts choreographer and coordinator Pat Johnson as the Assistant Fight Coordinator in "Karate Kid II", and later became the Fight Coordinator and co-star in "China O'Brien I and II", directed by Robert Clouse in 1989.  

Producer Nijel at work with Director Robert Clouse in 1986.

     Nijel returned to the screen in 1999 as an actor/ stuntman in the film "Imposter" starring Gary Sinise, and Mekhi Phifer.  That same year, he edited The BKF (Black Karate Federation) Magazine, featuring Kenpo Grandmasters Steve Muhammad and Donnie Williams, published by CFW Enterprises in Burbank, CA.

Click here to read 
Nuba Wrestling: African Origins of the Martial Arts

Visit the Black Karate Federation's web site. Click here

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Artist & Associates


BKF Kenpo: History and Advanced Strategic Principles


Keepers of the Flame Awards


The Simon Wiesenthal
Legacy Award

 In 1984 Nijel  formed Nijart Int'l, a sculpting and fine art firm. Under the Nijart banner, Nijel has created many fine works of art such as the Bruce Lee portrait bust, and portrait busts of Mohandas K. Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali, and many others. 

Gahdhi_2_th.jpg (35015 bytes)
Mohandas K. Gandhi bust
by Nijel

Click here to read about Nijel's making of the award

     In 1990 Nijel created a bronze sculpture of Michael Jackson for Top Selling  Artist of the Decade Award from CBS/Epic Records.  That same year he also began his Maasai Princess series, creating one 18k gold plated statue every seven years.  The first Maasai Princess in 1990  was purchased by Motown for Stevie Wonder's birthday.  It appears in Stevie's video "Keep Our Love Alive".

Click here for more on Maasai Princess

    Nijart International's first public monument is the towering 16 foot, 2 ton bronze sculpture, The Mother of HumanityTM monument by Nijel.  It was unveiled on Saturday, May 11, 1996 at the Watts Labor Community Action Committee in Watts, CA.

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Salsa Diva Celia Cruz

      Nijel's other artistic achievements include The Celia Cruz Gold Standard Medal,  a wax figure of Col. Ron McNair for the Great Black's in Wax Museum in Baltimore, Maryland, and a redesign of the " Whitney M. Young, Jr. Award"  

Whitney_M._Young_.gif (94618 bytes)
for the Los Angeles Urban League.


In 2001 Nijel designed and sculpted The Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Award which was presented to Michael Jackson on July 6, 2002 on behalf of his fans worldwide.
MJ_30th_Award.gif (78645 bytes)
This is the first award to come directly from hundreds of Michae Jackson fans from 32 countries around the world.  It  is a first class salute to the King of Pop on his 30th year in the music business as a solo artist.


   In May 2002 Nijel unveiled The Shirley Temple Monument at Fox Studios in Los Angeles for the dedication of
The Shirley Temple Day Care Center.
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The statue was installed at 
The Shirley Temple Day Care Center
on Wednesday, Sept 11th, 2002.


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The John W. Mack monument
Unveiled April 14, 2005

The Foley Monument

Patrice Lumumba

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