Article 1 - The African Origins of the Martial Arts Revealed!


Scholargy book cover.gif (108972 bytes)Scholargy, Inc. in Temple Arizona has received permission to reprint Nijel's article "NUBA WRESTLING - The African Origins of the Martial Arts Revealed!"  as part of a Mesa Community College course entitled "MAXIMUM LIFE For Men in Transition: Mending Mind, Body, and Spirit".  The instructor is Donavan Lamar, M.A.   

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Article 2 - The Origin of Karate.
Article 3
- Prince Amenemhat.

Article 4 - Restoring the image of Buddha
Article 5 -
The African Origin and Meaning of the "Belt"

Article 6
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                                                    Nijel BPG was interviewed for this 1998 A&E Network documentary on the  
                                                    martial arts.  The two hour documentary was narrated by Star Trek's actor
                                                    George Takei and produced by Weller/Grossman Productions.  Although the
                                                    focus of this documentary is on the Asian practice of the martial arts as they
                                                    exist today, the African origins of these practices are acknowledged.

                                                    Color and B&W.  Approx 100 minutes total. 
                                                    Available from .

Wall relief images from the rock tombs at Mahez (Beni-Hasan), Egypt!

AMENY 1 - Artist, sculptor, and historian Nijel BPG has painstakingly recreated this Nuba warrior figure as an attractive hanging wall relief.  Armed with an axe, mace, and knife in his belt, this warrior is illustrated in the 4th row of the east wall from the tomb of Prince Amenemhat circa 2,800 B.C. in an area of Egypt once known as Mahez, now Beni Hasan. Now, you can take pride in the martial arts heritage of Africa with this first ever decorative wall plaque from Nijart Int.    
Size  11" x 6".  Price $30. 

To order, send check or money order to:
Nijart International, 
P.O. Box 5525, 
Los Angeles, CA 90055.  

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

African Mental Liberation Weekend
Producer/Host: Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn
Broadcast on KPFA 94.1 FM
SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2004

Nijel Binns - Afrikan Origin Of The Martial Arts - Quiet discussions have been tossed about for years related to the Afrikan origin of the martial arts, now the facts will be made public. To order CLICK HERE.


The book that rewrote the history of the martial arts. 
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